RULING FORMAT: Team (A or B) in possession, down, distance and succeeding spot (example: A 1/10 A40). If relevant, also include other information such as whether the 25 or 40-second play clock will be used, whether the game clock starts on the ready or snap, if ZAP 10 is a factor or if there will be an extension of the period.

1. PLAY: 4th/8 B23. Extra Period. First Series. A6's field goal attempt is blocked behind the neutral zone by B96. B47 muffs the kick on B's 17 and A88 recovers on B's 9.

2. PLAY: F/K A35. While the untouched free kick is rolling on A's 43, A88 blocks B62 above the waist on A's 44 and at about the same time, B96 blocks kicker A4 above the waist on A's 42. A86 recovers the untouched kick on A's 48.

3. PLAY: 4th/8 B28. A6's field goal attempt is wide left. Team A is in an illegal formation. B87 commits a personal foul against A82 on B's 22 during the kick.

4. PLAY: 3rd/10 A30. A34 advances to A's 38 near the sideline where he fumbles and there is a pileup for the ball. The HL rules that A74 recovered the ball inbounds on A's 42 while grounded. The SJ states that B66 had his hand on the ball with his foot touching the sideline prior to A74 controlling the ball.

5. PLAY: 2nd/13 B43. Prior to the snap, B96 enters the neutral zone. B96 then moves back and A88, directly in front of B96, false starts. Whistles sound. The ball is snapped and B97 tackles the quarterback. A66 reacts and throws B97 to the ground.

6. PLAY: 4th/12 A8. The score is A24-B27 late in the fourth quarter. A4 muffs the snap and, while the ball is rolling in A's end zone, kicks the ball out of bounds on A's 18.

7. PLAY: 1st/10 A20. A83 catches a legal forward pass in the backfield, advances and at A's 24, attempts to leap over two players on the ground. A83 bobbles the ball while airborne but then regains control while still airborne. When A83 lands on his elbow on A's 26, the ball comes loose. B44 recovers on A's 29 while grounded.

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