1. RULING: A 1/goal B9. A Team B player touched the ball after the ball crossed the neutral zone. There was no change of team possession during the down. If there was a change of team possession during the down, Team A would not be able to have a new series of downs and their series would end. Since there was no change of team possession during the down, Team A next puts the ball in play.

2. RULING: A f/k A30. The block by B96 on kicker A4 is legal since A4 has advanced five yards beyond his restraining line. Also, the kick has touched the ground. The penalty is 15 yards if the kicker is blocked before advancing the five yards and the kick has not touched the ground. The block by A88 on B62 is an illegal block since a Team A player was not eligible to touch the free kicked ball. The penalty is five yards from the previous spot. The "tack on" or "carryover" penalty enforcement does not apply since the subsequent dead ball does not belong to Team B.

3. RULING: B 1/10 B11. Postscrimmage kick enforcement applies. Team B will decline offsetting fouls. Team A will then accept the penalty for B87's foul. The postscrimmage kick spot is the previous spot, B's 28. The 15-yard penalty is enforced half the distance from the spot of the foul, B's 22. If the attempt was successful, the fouls would offset and the down would be replayed. If Team A was in a legal formation and the field goal was successful, Team A could accept the 15-yard penalty enforced half the distance from the previous spot. It would be A 1/10 B14. Postscrimmage kick enforcement does not apply on successful field goals.

4. RULING: A 4/2 A38. The ball became dead when the ball was touched by B66 who was out of bounds. A74 recovered a dead ball. The fumble went forward and out of bounds even though it did not cross the plane of the sideline. The ball is returned to the spot of the fumble, A's 38.

5. RULING: A 2/18 B48. A88 commits a false start. The 5-yard penalty is enforced from the succeeding spot, B's 43. The two personal fouls offset. The two penalties cancel. The penalty for the first personal foul was not completed when the second personal foul occurred. Only dead ball personal and unsportsmanlike fouls can offset each other. If A66 had not fouled, it would be A 1/10 B33.

6. RULING: B 1/10 A18. Team B is likely to take the ball at the inbounds spot where the backward pass went out of bounds. Team B may not elect penalty enforcement from where the subsequent dead ball belongs to Team B since this is not a scrimmage kick play. If Team B accepts the penalty, it is a safety since the enforcement spot is in Team A's end zone. Team B might consider accepting the penalty if they are behind by nine or more points late in the fourth quarter.

7. RULING: B 1/10 A29. Because A83 lost player possession when he bobbled the ball while airborne, A83 must maintain control of the ball when he lands. Since he lost player control while airborne, the ruling is a fumble recovered by B44. If A83 maintained control when he landed, it would be A 2/4 A26. (2017 Video Clips)

Rom Gilbert / pigskin@romgilbert.us / November 19, 2017 / (q-1714a)