RULING FORMAT: Team (A or B) in possession, down, distance and succeeding spot (example: A 1/10 A40). If relevant, also include other information such as whether the 25 or 40-second play clock will be used, whether the game clock starts on the ready or snap, if ZAP 10 is a factor or if there will be an extension of the period.

1. PLAY: 4th/goal B4. The score is A28-B28. A3's field goal attempt is blocked and does not cross the neutral zone. The ball is rolling on B's 5 when B96 kicks (implies intentionally) the ball backward. B47 picks up the ball in B's end zone and advances across A's goal line. Time expires in the fourth quarter before B47 recovers the ball.

2. PLAY: 4th/4 A26. A4's scrimmage kick is blocked, lands on A's 29 and bounces back to A's 23 where the ball hits A77 in the leg. B96 recovers on A's 22 and advances to A's 2 where he fumbles. The ball hits the goal line pylon.

3. PLAY: 2nd/goal B6. The score is A24-B28. A88 advances to B's 4 where he is downed. A88 is injured. During A88's run, A77 is flagged for holding on B's 5. The Game Clock shows 0:05 in the fourth quarter when the clocked is stopped. Team A has no timeouts remaining.

4. PLAY: Second extra period. Second series. 3rd/goal B13. The score is A28-B28. A8's field goal attempt is blocked. The ball is in the field of play near the sideline on B's 18 when it is controlled by A88 who advances across B's goal line. The HL rules that A88's foot was touching the sideline when A88 was contacting the ball.

5. PLAY: 2nd/16 A34. Ball is snapped from the left hash mark. B96 holds receiver A85 on A's 36. A15 tucks the ball and runs out of bounds at the right sideline on A's 39.

6. PLAY: 2nd/goal B16. The score is A24-B28. Team A has no timeouts remaining. A88 advances to B's 2 where he is downed. A66 is injured. The game clock shows 0:19 in the fourth quarter. Team B accepts the ZAP 10 because of the injury so the game clock shows 0:09. After the ready, A77 false starts.

7. PLAY: 2nd/5 A45. All Team A players set for a second. A12 turns (no false start) and trots, parallel to his end line, toward his sideline in apparent confusion about the called play. When A12 is close to the sideline, the ball is snapped to A33 who throws a legal forward pass to A12. A12 is downed on B's 22.

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