1. RULING: Safety. Two points awarded to Team A. Game over. The final score is A30-B28. The ball became dead when it touched the ground in B's end zone since the status of the ball is still a kick and no Team B player touched the ball after the kick crossed the neutral zone. The impetus for the ball being in B's end zone is the illegal kicking by B96. Team A will decline the penalty for the kicking foul by B96. The result would be the same if B96 batted the ball backward although it would not be a foul.

2. RULING: B 1/10 A23. The result of the play is a touchback. A77 committed an illegal touching violation on A's 23 since the punt previously crossed the neutral zone. The recovery and advance by B96 is legal. The ball became dead when it hit the goal line pylon.

3. RULING: A 2/goal B15; Ready. Game clock shows 0:05. Zap 10 does not apply since the injury was not the only reason to stop the clock. The 10-yard penalty is enforced from the spot of the foul, B's 5, which is behind the end of A88's run, B's 4, and beyond the previous spot, B's 6. ZAP 10 would apply and the game would end if A77 did not foul. A77 will receive a game ball if Team A scores a touchdown. (A.R. 3-4-4-VI)

4. RULING: Second series ends. Second extra period ends. Third extra period is played. When A88 was contacting the ball and the sideline at the same time, he is considered out of bounds. Thus, the scrimmage kick went out of bounds. Scrimmage kicks that go out of bounds will next be put in play by the receiving team. In extra periods, the series ends.

5. RULING: A 2/1 A49; Right hash mark. The 10-yard penalty is enforced from the end of A15's run, A's 39, since the foul occurred during a running play. There was no pass. If A15's run ended behind the neutral zone, the penalty would be enforced from the previous spot at the left hash mark.

6. RULING: Game over. The final score is A24-B28. After the ZAP 10 for the injury, the game clock is set to 0:09 and starts on the ready. For A77's false start, Team B accepts the penalty and a second ZAP 10. Since 0:09 is less than 0:10, the show is over.

7. RULING: A 2/20 A30. Unsportsmanlike conduct for an unfair act to deceive the opponents. The referee may impose any penalty deems reasonable. In this case, the penalty is for a live-ball foul, 15 yards at the previous spot and the down is repeated. [2009 NCAA Interpretation Bulletin #3, Play #2] COMMENT: The Pigskin Page is well aware of concerns from many countries that not all significant bulletin rulings show up as approved rulings. This makes it difficult to determine if the bulletin ruling is still valid. Even our best birddogs are unable to get current rulings. However, said birddogs have concluded that this ruling will still fly.

Rom Gilbert / pigskin@romgilbert.us / November 12, 2017 / (q-1713a)