1. RULING: B 1/10 B2; Snap. The result of the play is a free kick out of bounds even though the ball may not have crossed the plane of the sideline. There is no foul for this free kick out of bounds because a Team B player touched the ball. The ball remains a live ball in B's end zone since a Team B player touched the ball prior to the ball touching the ground in B's end zone. The ball becomes dead when touched by A88 who has a foot out of bounds. Since A88 never had possession of the ball, Team B is awarded the ball at the spot of the ball when touched by A88. The kick ended when the ball became dead.

2. RULING: Game over. Final score: A28-B27. The block by A77 is legal since the ball was not kicked. If A9 did kick the ball and it went out of bounds on A's 16, then A77's block below the waist would be a foul. The 15-yard penalty would be enforced half the distance from A's 16 making it B 1/goal A8. The fourth quarter would be extended by an untimed down.

3. RULING: B 1/10 B2; Snap. No touchdown. The ball goes over on downs. The offense gets the goal line extended when the ball carrier touches the ground in the opponent's end zone or touches the pylon. When A88 touches the pylon, he does not have possession of the ball. COMMENT: Consider score A24-B28 with game clock at 0:02 in the fourth quarter.

4. RULING: Game over. Final score A24-B28. ZAP 10 applies. The stopping of the game clock for the incomplete illegal forward pass trumps the fact that Team A made a first down. The fact that Team A made a first down would trump the reason for stopping the clock if an injury or helmet-off also occurred during the down. COMMENT: If the pass was complete., there would be no ZAP 10.

5. RULING: Game will end. Final score will be A28-B27. Team A accepts the ZAP 10. The game clock is set to 0:39 and starts on the ready. The play clock would normally be set to 40 seconds but will remain at 0:00 since there are 39 seconds remaining and the game clock starts on the ready. If B96's helmet had not come off, there would be a maximum of nine seconds on the game clock when Team A next snaps the ball.

6. RULING: B 1/goal A5. Team B will decline the penalty for the illegal forward pass with the resulting two points. When Team B declines the penalty for the illegal forward pass thrown from A's end zone, the ball shall next be put in play at the previous spot. Team B would likely accept the penalty if they were losing by 9 or 10 points. (7-3-7-c-Exception)

7. RULING: B 1/10 B49. Team A was in a scrimmage kick formation. A8 simulated a scrimmage kick by throwing the ball high and deep downfield. Thus, there is no defensive pass interference although the foul might be holding or a personal foul. Team B takes over on downs. (7-3-8-c-4)

Rom Gilbert / pigskin@romgilbert.us / November 7, 2017 / (q-1712a)