1. RULING: A f/k A35. No score. Try ends. The result of the play is a safety since B44 imparted the impetus. Penalties by either team are declined by rule (8-3-3-a). With that information, one might think that this ends up a safety. Not so fast! A score by a team committing a foul during the down is canceled (8-3-4-b).  Thus, Team A does not get the point. Team A would get a point if A66 didn't commit a batting foul. COMMENT: This is one of many plays submitted by the "barrister from Ohio" and his dedicated rules and interpretations crew.

2. RULING: A 1/10 B40. This is not a roughing the passer foul since A19 was not a passer when the foul occurred. However, for Team B personal fouls during a legal forward pass play, enforcement is at the end of the last run when that run ends beyond the neutral zone and there is no change of team possession during the down. Thus, the 15-yard penalty is enforced from the end of A86's run, A's 45. If A86 was downed behind the neutral zone, the penalty would be enforced from the previous spot. (9-1-Penalty)

3. RULING: Safety. B f/k B20. The status of the ball remained a scrimmage kick after the batting by B96. Since the ball was batted backward, B96's bat is legal. But, B96's batting did impart new impetus. A77 has recovered a kick that has crossed the neutral zone and is not in legal possession of the ball since a Team B player did not touch the ball after the punt crossed the neutral zone. The illegal touching in B's end zone gives the receiving team the ball at the spot of the illegal touching resulting in a safety due to impetus.

4. RULING: B 1/10 A22. A88 commits an interference with opportunity foul and also a grasping the face mask personal foul. This is similar to a defensive pass interference foul that involves a personal foul. Since the touching by B84 was the result of the contact by A88, B84 is judged not to have touched the ball. A68 commits an illegal touching violation when he recovers the ball on A's 37. The 15-yard penalty for the personal foul will be enforced from the spot where the subsequent dead ball belongs to Team B, A's 37. If A68 recovered the ball on A's 48, for example, Team B would accept the penalty for the interference with opportunity foul. It would be B 1/10 A30. NOTE: A tack on penalty is enforced from the spot of illegal touching only when the spot of illegal touching is the same as the spot where the subsequent dead ball belongs to Team B.

5. RULING: B 1/10 A38. No Team A player may block an opponent until Team A is eligible to touch a free kicked ball. A87 commits an illegal blocking foul. The touching by B92 is ignored since he touched the ball as the result of the block by A87. Since the ball did not go 10 yards nor was touched by a Team B player, A82 committed an illegal touching violation which is an illegal recovery. Team B will accept the 5-yard penalty from the spot where the subsequent dead ball belongs to Team B, A's 43. Team B could, but will not, accept the penalty enforced from the previous spot. If A82 recovered on A's 47, it would be A f/k A30.

6. RULING: Score canceled. Try ends. A f/k A35 . The score remains A26-B28. The ressult of the play is a touchdown. A12 throws a second forward pass which is an illegal forward pass. Because the pass is illegal, there can be no pass interference. Since the contact was not a personal foul or holding, there is no foul. The try is not replayed as the penalty includes loss of down.

7. RULING: Touchdown. A try B3. A Team B player touched the ball after the ball crossed the neutral zone. Team A legally recovered a scrimmage kick in B's end zone. The ruling would be the same if the batted ball hit the ground in B's end zone before the recovery by A85 in B's end zone.

8. RULING: A 1/10 B40; Snap. The snapper may not be contacted until one second has elapsed after the snap when Team A is in a scrimmage kick formation. The foul occurred before A2 got possession that started a new running play. Thus, penalty enforcement for the foul would be the previous spot resulting in A 1/10 A43. Team A will decline the penalty. The foul could occur before A2 gained possession even if A2 catches the backward pass cleanly. If the foul occurred after A2 gained possession, it would be A 1/10 B25 with Team A in position for a field goal attempt. (A.R.9-1-14-II) (2-30-4)

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