RULING FORMAT: Team (A or B) in possession, down, distance and succeeding spot (example: A 1/10 A40). If relevant, also include other information such as whether the 25 or 40-second play clock will be used, whether the game clock starts on the ready or snap, if ZAP 10 is a factor or if there will be an extension of the period.

1. PLAY: 4th/10 B40. A5's punt is illegally touched by A84 on B's 1 and bounces across B's goal line. A88 kicks (implies intentionally) the ball back into the field of play with the ball never touching the ground in B's end zone. A86 recovers the ball on B's 4.

2. PLAY: 4th/16 B46. A4 punts. B44 signals for a fair catch on B's 8 by extending one arm over his head without waving the arm. B44 muffs the ball on B's 9. A89 pushes B44 who remains in position to catch the kick. A89 catches the ball on B's 7 and advances across Team B's goal line. A89 is flagged for excessive celebration.

3. PLAY: 2nd/9 B49. A24 is running near the sideline on B's 38 when B53 bats the ball from A24's possession. A24 runs a few steps out of bounds, returns inbounds, recovers the ball on B's 29 and advances the ball across B's goal line.

4. PLAY: 4th/4 A26. A6's punt is blocked. A6 recovers on A's 14, is hit on A's 18 and fumbles. A46 recovers on A's 23 and advances to A's 34 where he runs out of bounds. A68 commits a dead ball personal foul on A's 32.

5. PLAY: F/K A35. The score is A28-B28. A4's free kick lands on B's 25 and rolls to B's 15 where B33 recovers and advances to A's 40, where A32 tackles him by twisting and turning his face mask. During B33's run, B54 blocked A64 below the waist on A's 41. Time expires in the fourth quarter during the down.

6. PLAY: Try B3. A4's field goal attempt is blocked. B44 catches the ball in B's end zone, advances out of B's end zone and retreats back into B's end zone. From B's end zone, B44 passes the ball forward to B97 who is downed on B's 2.

7. PLAY: 2nd/goal B1. A14 muffs the snap. B97 recovers and advances to A's 4 where he is downed. Team A was in an illegal formation. B66 commits a block in the back foul on A's 2 during B97's run.

8. PLAY: 3nd/8 B48. A12's legal forward pass to A82 is complete. A82 advances to B's 2 where he fumbles. The ball rolls forward and out of bounds over the end line. Prior to the pass, B91 is flagged for an illegal use of hands personal foul. [Play: 10/21/17]

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