1. RULING: B 1/10 B20. A88 committed an illegally kicking foul during the scrimmage kick. Since a Team B player did not touch the ball prior to the kicking foul by A88, A88 also committed an illegal touching violation. The 10-yard penalty is enforced from the spot where the subsequent dead ball belongs to Team B, B's 4. Team B will decline the penalty. If the ball landed in B's end zone after the kicking, the end of the kick would be B's 20. It would be B 1/10 B30. NOTE: Under the previous rule, Team B could have elected the illegal touching violation before penalty enforcement since the illegal touching occurred in B's end zone.

2. RULING: A 1/10 B22. B44 did not give a valid signal. A89 may legally push B44 after B44 muffed the ball. The ball becomes dead when A89 catches the ball on B's 7. The 15-yard penalty for A89's excessive celebration foul is enforced from the succeeding spot, B's 7. Team A is in legal possession when the down ends. Time may have to be put back on the clock.

3. RULING: Touchdown. A try B3. A24 is charged with a fumble. There is no rule forbidding Team B players from going out of bounds and returning inbounds. On the other hand, all Team A players are prohibited from returning inbounds after voluntarily going out of bounds during a kick down (6-1-11 and 6-3-12). Also, a Team A pass receiver will lose his eligibility if he goes out of bounds voluntarily (7-3-4). Neither of these rules apply to A24 in this play. A24 recovered the fumble inbounds. It would also be a touchdown if the play occurred on fourth down.

4. RULING: B 1/goal A9. A6's fourth down fumble is recovered by a teammate, A46, in advance of the spot of the fumble. The ball is returned to the spot of the fumble, A's 18. The 15-yard penalty for A68's dead ball personal foul is enforced half the distance from the succeeding spot, A's 18. Time may have to be put back on the clock.

5. RULING: A f/k A35. Extend period. Team A and Team B commit live ball fouls during the free kick down. Team B's foul occurs after a change of team possession and Team B is in possession when the down ends. There are three possibilities: (1) Team B could accept offsetting fouls. The down would then be replayed. The period would be extended. Assuming that Team B accepts offsetting fouls, Team A would only have to kick (tap) the ball off the tee and recover immediately to send the game into an extra period. (2) Team B could decline offsetting fouls. Team A could then accept (they will not) the penalty for Team B's foul and the period would be extended with an untimed down by Team B. (3) Team B could decline offsetting fouls. Team A could (and would) decline the penalty for Team B's foul and the game would go into an extra period. [NOTE: Any penalty may be declined. Some penalties are declined by rule].

6. RULING: A f/k A35. No score. The try ends. The penalty for the illegal forward pass is declined by rule. The ruling would be a one-point safety if the pass was incomplete since the ball is returned to the spot of the pass and the impetus was provided by B44. If B97 was downed in B's end zone after receiving the pass, the result of the play is also a one-point safety.

7. RULING: B 1/10 A14. Team B will decline offsetting fouls. Team A will then accept the penalty for B66's foul. The 10-yard penalty will be enforced from the end of B97's run, B's 4. NOTE: If Team B was behind by three points, for example, and time expired in the fourth quarter during the down, Team B would really have to accept offsetting fouls. If they decline offsetting fouls, Team A will then decline the penalty for B66's foul and the game will be over.

8. RULING: A 1/goal B1. Team B committed a personal foul during a legal forward pass play. A legal forward pass play is the interval between the snap and when a legal forward pass is complete, incomplete or intercepted. The 15-yard penalty is enforced at the end of the last run when that run ends beyond the neutral zone and there is no change of team possession during the down. There was no change of team possession DURING the down. If B44 recovered the fumble, enforcement would be at the previous spot. (9-1-Penalty)

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