RULING FORMAT: Team (A or B) in possession, down, distance and succeeding spot (example: A 1/10 A40). If relevant, also include other information such as whether the 25 or 40-second play clock will be used, whether the game clock starts on the ready or snap, if ZAP 10 is a factor or if there will be an extension of the period.

1. PLAY: 3rd/2.5 B30. The score is A28-B30. Team A is out of timeouts. A33 advances for about 2.5 yards. B96 is offside. The game clock shows 0:49 in the fourth quarter. Game clock?

2. PLAY: 3rd/5 B15. The score is A24-B26. Neither team has timeouts remaining. Field goal attempt. Holder A7 spots the ball. A4's kick is blocked and remains behind the neutral zone. A7 recovers, rolls outside the tackle box and throws an incomplete pass from B's 18 to another zip code beyond the neutral zone. The game clock shows 0:08 in the fourth quarter. NOTE: Pigskin Page crew vote not unanimous.

3. PLAY: 2nd/8 B24. The score is A28-B28. QB A14's legal forward pass is intercepted by B47 in B's end zone where he fumbles. B63 recovers on B's 4 and advances to B's 9 where he is downed. During the fumble, B56 clipped A74 on B's 6. Time expires in the fourth quarter during the down.

4. PLAY: 4th/2 A38. Score: A28-B26. A4's punt is returned by B44 to A's 14 where he fumbles. The ball is muffed (no new impetus) and finally hits Team A's goal line pylon. Team A was called for holding during the punt. Time expires in the fourth quarter during the down.

5. PLAY: F/K A35. While A6's free kick is airborne, B58 blocks A49 below the waist at A's 49. B44 catches the ball on B's 20 and advances to A's 40 where he is downed.

6. PLAY: 4th/11 B26. Extra period. Second series. Score: A28-B28. A6's field goal attempt is blocked but continues downfield. B44 picks up the ball on B's 10 and is downed on B's 15. During the kick, B45 blocked A80 below the waist on B's 18.

7. PLAY: 4th/6 B46. A6 punts. B44 gives an invalid fair catch signal on B's 8. B44 muffs the airborne ball on B's 8, catches the ball on B's 6 and is tackled immediately by A84. During the down, B66 blocked A74 low on B's 12. A84 does not commit an interference with opportunity foul.

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