RULING FORMAT: Team (A or B) in possession, down, distance and succeeding spot (example: A 1/10 A40). If relevant, also include other information such as whether the 25 or 40-second play clock will be used, whether the game clock starts on the ready or snap, if ZAP 10 is a factor or if there will be an extension of the period.

1. PLAY: 4th/17 A13. A4's punt is blocked and hits on A's 16. The ball takes a reverse bounce and is rolling on A's 8 when B96 bats the ball into A's end zone. B97 recovers in A's end zone.

2. PLAY: 3rd/goal B26. The ball is on the left hash mark. A88 muffs A14ís legal forward pass in the right side zone on Bís 7 and the pass is incomplete. Just prior to the pass arriving, B47 grabs and pulls A88's face mask on B's 8.

3. PLAY: 4th/17 B43. A5's punt bounces untouched on B's 3 and breaks the plane of B's goal line where A85 bats the ball back into the field of play. B44 muffs the ball on B's 2 and A68 recovers on B's 5. The ball did not touch the ground in B's end zone. During the kick, B55 committed a holding foul on B's 26.

4. PLAY: 1st/10 B15. The score is A21-B24. B44 intercepts A16's legal forward pass in B's end zone and subsequently fumbles before returning to the field of play. B66 recovers while grounded on B's 4. Team A commits an illegal motion foul and B55 commits a block in the back foul in B's end zone during B44's advance. The game clock shows 0:24 in the fourth quarter.

5. PLAY: 2nd/9 B19. A84 grabs A16's legal forward pass while airborne in B's end zone near the end line. A84 lands on a defender who is lying on the ground inbounds. The receiver falls backward and his first contact with the ground is out of bounds over the end line.

6. PLAY: 4th/11 A49. A18's bounding punt lands on B's 3 and takes a bounce over B's end zone. A88 reaches into B's end zone and bats the ball back into the field of play. B44 recovers on B's 5 and fumbles on B's 22. A66 recovers on B's 23 and is tackled by the face mask on B's 8.

7. PLAY: 4th/6 A44. B44 catches A6's punt on B's 10 and advances to B's 24 where he fumbles. B58 recovers on B's 30 and runs out of bounds on B's 45. A85 caused the fumble by grabbing and twisting B44's face mask on B's 22 during B44's advance. Team A had 5 players in the backfield.

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