1. RULING: A 4/1 A29; Snap. The fumble ended up being backward and out of bounds. If the fumble was forward and out of bounds, it would have been a first down for Team A and the clock would have started on the ready. Team A would then have to handle one snap and take a knee.

2. RULING: Extra period. The score remains A21-B21. Team A commits a false start of the second kind since all Team A players were not initially set for one second. The ball remains a dead ball. Team B will accept the penalty and then accept the ZAP 10. If Team A had a timeout remaining, there would be no ZAP 10 and the clock would start on the snap. The game clock would show 0:07.

3. RULING: A 1/10 A2; Snap. The muff by A77 in A's end zone is ignored. A Team B player, B96, was the first to touch the ball after the kick crossed the neutral zone. Thus, A66 may recover the ball but may not advance. (jw101713)

4. RULING: A 1/10 B17; Ready. A85 recovers A33's fourth down fumble in advance of the spot of the fumble so the ball is returned to the spot of the fumble, B's 2. The clock starts on the ready since the play is not a touchdown by rule and is considered to have ended on B's 2. Team A earned a first down on B's 2 so will decline Team B's offside penalty. The 15-yard penalty for A85's dead ball foul is enforced from the succeeding spot, B's 2. If time expired in the fourth quarter during the down, Team A would accept the penalty for Team B's offside foul.

5. RULING: Touchdown. B try A3. A14 throws an illegal forward pass from A's 26. B55 does not foul since the pass is not a legal forward pass. B55 may push A88 but may not pull A88 to get to the ball. It would also be a touchdown if this was a fourth down play.

6. RULING: A 4/21 A39; Snap. Team B is not in possession when the down ends. The illegal touching occurred in the field of play. Team B is likely to accept the penalty. The 15-yard penalty is enforced from the previous spot, B's 46. Team B could elect to take the ball at the spot of illegal touching, B's 3. It would be B 1/10 B3. If A56 commits his foul during A67's advance, Team B (a) could decline the penalty and take the ball at the spot of illegal touching; or (b) could accept, but will not, the penalty with the penalty enforced from B's 24 resulting in A 1/10 B39.

7. RULING: B 1/10 A25. The clock starts on the snap. Team B could have elected the safety and it would be A f/k A20. Based on the score and time remaining, Team B will likely accept the penalty enforced 15 yards from the spot where the subsequent dead ball belongs to Team B, A's 40.

Rom Gilbert / pigskin@romgilbert.us / October 2, 2017 / (q-1703a)